Victoria's oldest:

Established in 1941, Britannia Metal is now Victoria’s longest operating Sheetmetal facility. Birthed from the scarcity and need for Rainwater products during and after WWII, Britannia began their humble beginnings fabricating Flashings for Australia’s major plumbing companies and have now become a household name within the industry. Servicing many industries with our World-Class Quality; Our products are crafted and shipped worldwide.

Our Engineers have been providing clients with Britannia’s deep wealth of knowledge on Sheetmetal manufacturing and Design. Leveraging off state-of-the CAD Systems and machinery, we offer clients the ability to plan, design alongside us and further review virtual prototypes before any material is cut. Moreover, our programs talk directly to our Machines to ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency. 

With roots deep in the industry and progressive culture and practices; you can trust that you will get nothing less than a World-Class experience with Britannia Metal.

our promise:

With every product we create, we are not just thinking about the job; but the final result. Our team are proud of their work, we know that once these products leave our facility – They are off to be an integral component in assisting, protecting or saving lives. From Parks and Streets to the Airfields and Hospitals; our components are all around the world. You are in good hands with us.

Britannia Metal – Built on pride and care.

our people:

Here at Britannia Metal, we understand and appreciate the importance of our people and the culture that we provide. A happy, fulfilled and openly supportive environment allows our team to work collaboratively and thrive within our company. 

We truly believe that the better our team feel, the better the quality of work is produced.  Our team have worked collectively together for years upon years, with staff regularly being commemorated for 10-20+ years of loyal work, we can safely our team are truly the experts in the fields.

When choosing to work with Britannia Metal, you aren’t just choosing to support a local company; but honest, hardworking families. Our welcoming facility is a testament to the vision, values and mission we work hard to uphold daily – Transparency, Safety & quality.

Australian made:

When you choose Britannia Metal, you are choosing Australian Made, high-quality goods and services.

Our mission is to bring manufacturing back to Australia at competitive prices and world-class finishes. Real-time communication, faster shipping and full transparency on our production and facilities.

Our team truly enjoy their work and have immense pride in the products we design, manufacture and ship. When working with Britannia Metal, you are working with each and every one of our team members through the whole process.

Supporting local is supporting Australian families, your neighbours, your friends; and together we can work towards an even stronger and robust Australian OEM Industry for the future.

Quality ISO 9001 certification

global accredited quality:

When you choose Britannia Metal, you are choosing internationally recognised quality management, systems, and finishes. Guaranteed better products and services, better business and better quality than our competitor counterparts that do not possess this certification.

We are an ISO 9001 Accredited business, for the scoped purpose of the manufacture and sale of fabricated sheet metal products for industrial applications.

Our facility operates based on a globally uniform and recognised QMS (Quality Management System) standards that are regularly audited to ensure compliance. Allowing us to continually monitor and manage quality across not only operations and production, the ISO 9001 assists in elevating and maintaining consistent performance and service.

You can trust that with Britannia Metal, you will always get quality assurance and consistency.

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