Bending and Folding Sheet Metals:

Britannia can work with a number of different materials, and provide a high level of bend quality and accuracy. This is due to our large investment in our people and our machines.

precision folding:

Whether our parts are for medical instruments analysing human blood or prime movers shipping products around Australia. Our task is the same.

Our clients rely on us to deliver. Sometimes this means that we need to keep to tolerances 0.1mm, but we pride ourselves on understanding what our clients want and supplying to specification.

Bending knowledge and press break experience is a more valuable commodity now than ever, lean manufacturing has driven quantity lots from thousands to less than 100 and often less than 10.

This has led to increased number of machine setups and tooling changes all-consuming valuable bending time.All our bending cells use offline programming from our engineering team that allows the operator to visually see a 3d representation of the part and simulate the bending sequence on the touch screen, which allows for much higher throughput and much higher quality work on the machine. As precise as current systems and machines are today bending knowledge from the human operator and detailed knowledge of their machine is required to achieve the best results.

salvagnini automated folder:

Britannia has invested in a Salvagnini Automated Folding machine, giving our clients access to the next generation in sheet metal manufacture.

The Salvagnini has opened possibilities to designers that have either been impossible to do with current press-brake technology, whether it was prohibitively expensive or just not feasible with smaller “Australian volumes.

From the time and costs saved, to the precision radius folds, the Salvagnini allows for better-designed products, lower-cost production, competitive pricing within local and international markets and minimal tolerances.

automated folding:

smooth radius folds:

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britannia metal: