Punching and Cutting Sheet Metals:

We have mastered the art of sheet metal, investing in the right equipment and the right people. With 80 years of experience within the industry, we have found the sweet spot of manual and automated production to ensure world-class sheet metal time and time again.

precision edges & perfect curves:

With many years of experience within the sheet metal fabrication industry, we have found the sweet spot when it comes to cutting and punching material. Different machinery offers numerous benefits when working with various materials and we have our systems and processes down pat.

Our laser cutting machines give us finer lines, cost-effective nesting, clean and sharper edges on unique cutting processes. Our laser machines also have the ability to cut through thicker material than with a turret puncher. If your project requires perfect curves, edges and circles then laser cutting may be your best choice.

laser cutting:

punch & repeat:

Turret punching on the other hand is faster, and sharper when it comes to square punching and straight lines. Due to the various tooling within the machine, our Turret Puncher provides more versatility in terms of secondary movements, shapes and sizes for tapping, extruding, louvres and perforation. For efficiency, speed and automation, our turret puncher services may be the choice for your next project.  High repeat, exact punches time and time again.





Our punch laser combinations are the heartbeat of our manufacturing cycle. As the metal fabrication industry moves more towards low volume with a high mix of orders, we looked towards achieving the fastest throughput possible.

Continuous improvements focused on the elimination of unneeded material handling, excessive tool libraries, and improved material cutting utilisation. Using our Laser and Turret Combination machine, we are able to remove the process of transferring parts between our laser and our turret, whilst also efficiently allowing for secondary operations such as tapping, forming, and ribbing. This, coupled with the auto-loading TRUMPF Sheet Master, ensures our products are always competitive.

Benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Accuracy and Quality of cutting
  • Surface edge finishing
  • Material utilisation
  • Shop floor efficiency
  • Manual handling reduction
  • Faster material processing

Our laser and turrets are supported by the ability to run autonomously through the night by our material stackers that can hold over 8 tonnes of material.

Brass, copper, stainless, aluminum, steel, no matter what type of material your project consists of Britannia is ready to go.

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